Far from rewarding the result above the E-A process, here at Futedu we teach all the children, both boys and girls, to grow in an integral and autonomous way. Using sport as a tool, we construct educational and sporting sessions which are a lot of fun, by means of heterogeneous and progressive principles to enrich the learning experience. We have more than 5 years of experience and 500 families supporting our educational campus. Elite professionals in psychology and sport can guarantee it !

For children between 4 and 16, an unforgettable experience, at FUTEDU!



Would you like to train with the Villarreal  footballer? Jaume Costa,  he spearheads the pioneering educational project with his football camps…

Football education- English and fun, a lot of fun!!

With the best football club trainers of the Valencian Community, a football camp where you learn as well as have fun doing what you like most, playing football.

Jaume Costa is well known for his competitive character and on the pitch strength, as well as his more human facet.

A lover and follower of human values and positive habits for the very young, he will continue supporting  and trusting in FUDETU for his camps and sporting events that carry his name.


“From group to team” ,  “from the unknown to the unknown”  “from team to family”

Sports stars and those that understand the subject aren’t mistaken when they say that the base of a team is togetherness. FUTEDU takes you to where the best teams and best families are forged. Multi-sports, games, made to measure group dynamics, sports talks…. All you need for your personal and sporting success.


Do you want to give your club or summer camp the FUTEDU stamp of quality?

All the range of FUTEDU values for your summer sessions. Academic and attitudinal  follow-up. We take you the FUTEDU trainers for the season, you will count on the best teachers!!

We’ll spend great and nutritive days together, for the integral growth of the kids!!


Specialized project at educational level in sports clubs, associations and municipal training schools, carrying out preventative and executive tasks.

Providing an exclusive educational service through specific formative activities within the sporting sector, boosting contextualized educational values to sports practice.

Constituting a prevention, detection and follow-up in educational and training indicators in academic, attitudinal, family and social material, as well as strengthening and promoting positive conducts for sportsmen and women in the training stage.


One of the pillars of education during the E-A process is communication. FUDETU provides sporting and educational talks given b y the best professionals in sport, psychology and education. Objective and with consensual content with the educational area of the center, tell us the aim of the talk and we will try to offer the best talk for your students, sportspeople and friends.